22 July, 2014

In Vietnamese culture, the Mid-autumn festival is the second largest feast of the year. This is an opportunity for us to further cultivate friendship moments and the charming traditional Vietnamese culture. To honor each meaningful moment of the Mid-autumn festival, people organize Moon party, Hang and Cuoi (legendary charactors) welcoming activities as the expression of love to relatives, gratitude to their partners and employees. On serving this occasion, Kinh Do keeps being creative every year to provide consumers new product lines with the best quality and service. In particular, Kinh Do continuously promotes and contributes to revive the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival values over the years to bring to consumers the fully Vietnamese taste with the message "Mid-autumn - Festival of friendship".


New products - new flavors: This year, along with the launch of new products, Kinh Do proceeds with improving the Gold Moon, Green cake, Baked, and Sticky rice cake product line towards reducing sweet, improving quality and typical stuffing flavors to meet consumers’ demand for tasty yet healthy products, namely:

- High-grade Golden Moon product: KDC introduces the completely new Crystal Golden Moon which is a breakthrough in high-grade line with modern Japan and Korean style of Mochi and Snow moon-cake. With the cake’s soft structure, easily melt and naturally colored of crust and unique flavors such as milk, eggs, green tea, black sesame and capuchino, mochi cakes also highlight the innovative technology with modern tastes: Mochi Lotus Seeds, Pandan Leaves, and Red Beans... bringing a new definition for Vietnamese Mid-Autumn season.

In addition, new flavors of Golden Moon has been launched: are launched: Almond Green Tea, Tu Quy Lotus Seeds, Japanese Almond Beans... together with premium preferred flavors such as Japanese Scallop XO sauce, Huynh De crab, Shark Fin, Tu Quy Roasted Chicken, Green Bean Almond... Each Golden Moon box including Diamond, Platinum, Golden, Crystal, and Ruby is a masterpiece with impressive design and brand new material, style, and pattern. It is truly a luxury gift for long- lasting intimacy.

- Green Moon Cakes: made from 100% natural plant ingredients, innovative formula and good for consumer’s health, specially, used for dietary with Black Sesame and Watermelon Seeds, Green Tea and Hawaii seeds, Almond Green Beans, Melon Seeds Chestnut flavors. The Green mooncake is not only healthy and appropriate for vegetarians and dieters, but also a meaningful presents for the fifteenth of the lunar month occasion. Besides focusing on the mooncake taste, Kinh Do has also innovated new design for the Green cake box so as to make more delicate and thoughtful presents for Parents Day (Wandering Soul's Day) and Mid-Autumn Festival.

- Kinh Do mooncake line: This year, besides the familiar trapezoid boxes, Kinh Do has launched the square shape with outstanding patterns and radiant red, embracing the full-moon autumn festival atmosphere. It is truly a great gift for the occasion. To please the consumers’ taste of delighting in good and healthy products, Kinh Do  brings into the breakthought sweet-reduction formulars with the use of healthful ingredients and seeds such as almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, lotus seeds, and chinese water chestnut, etc. Also, Kinh Do improves typical flavor of each stuffing, while keeping the natural taste of the seeds, and launches new products: Green Bean and Watermelon Seeds, Lotus Seeds Coconut, Red Beans Japanese Style, Durian sticky rice mooncake, Seafood and shark fin, XO Sauce Roasted Chicken Ham and char siu pork, chinese sausage and five kinds of seed, etc. Especially, this year Kinh Do presents various SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of baked and sticky rice mooncakes which are in 150 grams, 180 grams, 210 grams, 250 grams and 800 grams to flexibly fulfill the market demands of enjoying and gifting.


Since the mid of June, Kinh Do has officially started its Mid-antumn season by exporting nearly 100,000 mooncakes to the US and lately Cambodian market. The total volume of exporting to USA is about 20,000 tons of mooncake, consisting of defferent kinds: Mixed, Green Tea, Lotus Seeds, and Pandan Green Beans. These are the traditional mooncakes favored by overseas Vietnamese and persistently exported over the years.

Kinh Do has approximately prepared itself with the volume of 2,800 tons of mooncake, in which the superior golden mooncake increases by 25% and Kinh Do mooncake increases by 12%. This year, Kinh Do warms up the mooncake market early and invests in display activities which make up the mid-autumn atmosphere by focusing on decorating the stalls in nation wide with banners and lanterns, and especially the unicorn dance which aims to bring boisterous mid-autumn festival to all provinces.

Kinh Do, exclusively, emphasized its business activities to satisfy the gifting need to partners and employees towards companies, enterprises; and it also has strong investments for the display of the store in scale of mid-autumn streets or markets in big cities or provinces. Moreover, home and nationwide delivery service provide the convenience for customers and endorse the advantage of business activities.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Luan, Vice President of KDC, revealed: "With the Vietnamese culture of treasuring intimate relationship and the value of tradional festivals, nowadays, Mid-Autumn festival has truly become an important Tet, embracing deeply Vietnamese typical features. Therefore, the communication activities between friends, business partners, and family, etc. during the occasion have been considered important and sustainable. 

It seems to be a good signal that this year's autumn takes place positively in recent economic situation with predictedly high purchasing power. After 2-week launching, we've found a brighter image that many companies have accessed KDC for early mooncake information, which shows besides the need of enjoying and gifting, Mid-Autumn festival has instilled in the company culture to tighten the friendship, affection, colleagueship.

On KDC side, with the advantage of market share, products, and distribution systems, Autumn 2014 continues to be a breakthrough of the company in all the activities from creating new products, upgrading quality, changing designs to business activities and making up a tranditional festival atmosphere for customer. We believe that with our products’ variety and quality, KDC is going to meet all the consumers’ needs and diversify the choices in the market. With serious investment over the years, KDC always show their best effort to not only be a mooncake supplier each year, but also long-term prestigious partner of various businesses"