Full-moon festival in the heart of Vietnamese

6 August, 2014

These days, Vietnamese people have indulged themselves in the bustling atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival – a time to strengthen relationships and honor cultural traditions of Vietnam. The festival has always stayed in the heart of Vietnamese people and reached out to foreigners working in the country.

Besides the traditional Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest festival for Vietnamese family reunion. The festival lasts just one night but people are eager to prepare for the festival almost a month ago, creating an interesting cultural feature.

Moon-cakes vending kiosks have mushroomed along the streets while children are dreaming of colorful lanterns. Elderly people in families are contacting their members to arrange a happy reunion day. On the early days of August, families and enterprises have chosen eye-catching moon-cake boxes to give to customers, partners, employees, friends and teachers.

For every Vietnamese, Mid-Autumn is not only a festival but also a chance to express gratefulness to God for favorable weather, for people to get together and show their sincere and love to beloved.

In the animated atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, more and more enterprises in recent years have paid attention to giving gifts to staff on the occasion. To each employee, the gift is not only the show of caring and respect from their employers but also a pride for those receiving it for a stronger attachment to companies. Therefore, the culture of sharing the festive moment with employees has spread among Vietnamese and foreign businesses.
Ngoc Thanh, a staff member of a British company, says that the company has touched her heart by giving her a moon-cake box during Mid-Autumn Festival over the past two years. “The gift is more meaningful as most leaders of the company are British. Everybody is happy and proud to show the gifts to their family. The company really cares about spiritual life of employees by helping us organize a cozy festival. They are thoughtful and always honor Vietnamese cultural values”.

Vietnamese people see moon-cake boxes as a solemn and warm greeting in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Understanding the cultural feature, giving gifts and greeting staff on the occasion is an affective way to bolster ties between the employer and the employee.

Nhật Minh (Theo SaiGon Times Daily)