Full Moon Festival: Employers pay obeisance to Vietnamese tradition

12 August, 2014

For every Vietnamese, the Full Moon Festival is the second most important event after Lunar New Year. It is a special occasion during which people strengthen their relationship with others. Gifting moon cakes, the symbol of the Full Moon Festival, to their employees is an element of Vietnamese companies’ culture since many years.

Every employee is happy for having received such a meaningful gift. The gift not only indicates the thoughtfulness of the employer and their care and affection for the staff, but also helps foster closer relations between the company and its employees, thus nurturing their long-term commitment towards the company.

Sharing the joy of the Full Moon Festival together with employees has been an activity widely prevalent at both Vietnamese and foreign enterprises.

Vietnamese working for foreign companies get an emotional surprise when they get the Full Moon gift from their company. The gift not only creates pride in every employee of their companies but also reinforces the relationship between employees and employers.

Once a foreign enterprise expresses its respect for this special festival of the Vietnamese, any cultural gap seems to be bridged.

This year, since the beginning of the Mid-Autumn season, many electronic, garment, and footwear companies, and those in industrial and processing zones have been carefully choosing moon cakes for their Vietnamese employees.
Sharing on this, executives of foreign companies said that an important task of every enterprise is to bridge the culture gap.

When a company’s bosses show respect for traditional Vietnamese festivals like Lunar New Year or Full Moon Festival, local employees would in return like to show their commitment to their company. Each moon cake box then becomes a cultural feature, symbolising love, care, and mutual understanding.

Whatever one does, wherever one goes, they should never miss the meaningful full-moon season or forget how the Full Moon Festival is meant for reunions. This has also been nurtured by companies each Full Moon Festival to come./.