Righteous actions become a proud cultural strait in the tradition of Vietnamese people. They do not only seek happiness for themselves but also share with other people to double the joy. Especially in busy Tet holidays, many people gave hands together to do charity work, contributing to support the poor and give out the care and share to receive joy and happiness for themselves.

The new year 2011 came with the presence of blooming flowers, rice cakes and watermelons at all streets and corners. People reminded each other to contribute to charity programs. At Nguyen Hue Flower Street, the icon of Sai Gon’s Tet, people can do good things together, since this had a special thing named Kindness Garden.

Here, the tradition of scholar giving letters would be reappeared with red paper and Chinese ink; with letters of dancing phoenix and flying dragon. Asking letters from the scholar was to receive luck of the beginning of the year; while Tet tree and blessing lake were the place to share such luck and happiness to other people. Writing down the best wishes of New Year on red and yellow cards hung on the Tet tree can contribute to lighten the spring in dark location. One more postcard with heartfelt wish would make one flower blooming in the heart. The wonderful things were not only roosted in apricot blossom branches, but also rippled in Blessing Lake. Each coin dropped into the lake flies up a good wish for unfortunate lives. Spreading wave of love in Blessing Lake was to enjoy the full meaning of Tet festival.

All were there in Kindness garden with people of flower heart. Tet festival came to the flower street. By doing a good thing, each person would be a flower to make the life more beautiful.

This year, Kinh Do continued to be main donor for Nguyen Hue Flower Street taking place from 28th December to 4th January (Lunar calendar) with the desire to bring color of Tet to urban residents and call people to join with Kinh Do to go good things in the beginning of the year through activities in Kindness Garden. Coming here, you would receive a spring postcard to write down best wishes and hang on the Tet tree. With each postcard, Kinh Do would contribute 5,000 VND into the difficult people supporting fund of Ho Chi Minh Poor Patient Sponsoring association. At Blessing Lake, you can change money for coins and drop them into lake as a best wish for relatives and yourself. These coins continued its journey to the charity fund together with the contributing amount by Kinh Do. Let’s join with Kinh Do to make the New Year more meaningful."

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