In the second half of the year, Kinh Do Corporation (HOSE: KDC) forecasts the revenue will reach VND 2,758 billion, pre-tax profit from main business reach VND 416 billion, total pre-tax profit reach VND390 billion.

In comparison to the first half of the year, its revenue increased 82%, profit from main business raised 361% thank to the two great seasons, the Mid-Autumn Season and Tet Season, in this industry, the revenue and profit is mainly focused on the second half of the year.

Forecasting 2011 business results, KDC estimates revenue of about VND 4,271 billion, achieves102% of the year plan, reaches a 33% growth over the same period last year. Profit from main business is estimates to reach VND 506 billion, increasing 45% and achieves the targeted.

As the point of June 30th, 2011, the Group consolidated revenue reachs VND1,513 billion, the pre-tax profit from main business reach VND 90 billion, growing 70%.

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