By research and development, Celano has managed to produce ice cream cones from delicious and pure fresh milks.

Typical flavors including vanilla, chocolate or fresh strawberry vanilla of Celano ice cream cone classic series is always the No. 1 choice of teenagers. Especially, these product series have just been added with completely NEW flavor that is Tiramisu from Italy. Tiramisu is characterized by flat and delicious flavor strengthened by a light cover of cocoa powder making it irresistible.

In addition, luxury extra ice cream cone product has been improved with almond grains mixed inside chocolate ice creams, increasing greasy, delicious and attractive flavor. Moreover, teenagers may enjoy the sweet and sour cranberry jam inside “extra strawberry” ice cream!

Remaining with the young, active and delicate color, Celano ice cream cone have been provided with a new radiant, luxurious and noticeable appearance.