Kinh Do will operate under the new model in which structures and operations will be institutionalized with the aim to optimize, harmonize and “transparent-ize” all business activities and investments to achieve growth in the fastest, most sustainable and efficient manners.


Building the KINH DO HOUSE to create the BEST COMPANY with differentiation that is hard for competitors to replicate


In the long run, it is Kinh Do’s leadership, at both senior and middle management levels, recruited from other top companies and promoted from within, with deep consumer and market insights as well as extensive experiences in execution that will differentiate the Company from others.

Such capabilities are combined with market intelligence to realize the Company’s strategies. The result is the BEST COMPANY that is distinctly differentiated and that is hard to be replicated.


In 2011, in its ready stance, the Company will continue implementing demand planning and S&OP software applications. More importantly, having completed the design phase, Kinh Do will decommission its corporate governance policy, improve internal control, to better protect shareholders’ interests through checks and balances, processes and controls, information, and clearly-defined responsibilities with appropriate empowerment to induce better compliance and help staff  and management do their jobs more effectively.  A number of important initiatives will be launched to deliver growth and create differentiation not only in 2011, but also in the following years.  These will be the highlights of 2011.

Kinh Do will continue to:

These initiatives are critical in creating competitive advantages to turn Kinh Do to aBETTER COMPANY


In 2010, the Company completed the blueprint to build the Kinh Do House based on solid foundation, supporting pillars, and an overarching crown. The Company started the Annual Planning, Demand Planning, S&OP, and Go-to-Market processes under the new SBU operating model.  The new Business Intelligent module as part of SAP ERP system was also commissioned to help management make accurate and timely decisions. Additionally, the Company also launched successfully the KPI system to measure business performances.

These activities laid important foundation upon which the company will complete its restricting and institutionalization work in 2011. Most importantly the Company attracted a good number of high-caliber talents in top and middle management, who will be working with Kinh Do veterans towards new breakthroughs in coming years. The above are critical in making Kinh Do aGOOD COMPANY capable of growing sustainably.