In addition to main meals, it is great the sip the delicious dishes for many people, especially women. Despite being attracted by snacks, most of people are worried about losing their figure or gaining weight… However, it will be good for your health if you know how to have “snack” properly. . . Folloing interesting information will help us discover the surprising affects from ‘snack” as well as select delicious and nutritious snacks!

Normally, working women with desire of accomplishing housework, child care… do not have much time for breakfast. In this case, some small cracker packs will be useful to fill temporary energy and reduce risk of gaining weight. If you feel hungry for several times, the body will automatically “defense itself” to stimulate us to eat more in the following meals.

For people with hypotension or gastritis, the maintenance of 3-4 meals/day is a useful way to keep healthy. Therefore, they should always bring foods including biscuits, milk-originated products…

You should be aware of preparing nutritious foods for breakfast or light lunch. The working principle of stomach is to digest food every one – two hours. After such period, the stomach will continue to secrete some gastric fruits and pulsate. Therefore, some snacks between the meals help the stomach work, which is good for your health.