Profit before tax of the Moon cake products contributed 182 billion VND to the consolidated profit, increase of 15.84% compared to last year

Kinh Do Corporation (KDC) revealed that by ending the Mid-Autumn festival 2011, total consumption of Moon cake nationwide was over 2,100 tons. Net sales of Moon cake increased 31% from 497 billion VND in 2010 to 651 billion VND in 2011.

Gross profit of the moon cake products increased 26.22% from 286 billion VND to 361 billion VND. Profit before tax of the moon cake products contributed to the consolidated profit result was 182 billion VND, increase of 15.84% compared to last year.

According to KDC, these positive results were obtained thanks to the contribution of high quality product line such as Trang Vang Mooncake, especially, the Green mooncake products made from 100% natural  ingredients, and traditional products.

With positive business result of the mooncake season 2011, the accumulated and consolidated revenue in the third quarter was estimated to gain 3,050 billion VND, gross profit was 1,238 billion VND and consolidated profit before tax from food business activities is 383 billion VND.

Besides Moon cake industry, the other product lines in food industry also achieved very good results. In particular, confectionery increased 43%, ice cream and yogurt industry increased 51%. the primary increase came from five major product groups that contributed nearly 90% of turnover such as Crackers, Cake, Bread & Bun, Ice cream and yogurt.