Each Kinh Do cake is a complete meaningful wish on occasion of the New Year Festival for people to exchange to one another.

Welcoming the Tiger New Year Festival 2010- The Traditional New Year Festival of our nation, Kinh Do Corporation was expecting to introduce to the market approximately 30million packs of various cakes and candy products, an increase of 15% compared to last year’s Festival.  This year, Kinh Do has been speeding up its exploitation of the high-class product segment, increasing its output by 50% in comparison to last year with 1,5 high-class packs of product to serve the market.

The message sent by Kinh Do to customers this year via the wishes on occasion of the New Year Festival is presented in each tasty cake: the Cake “Wishing brilliant smiles”, the Cake “Wishing good fortune”, the Cake “Wishing good health”, the Cake “Wishing full happiness” so that whenever Kinh Do cakes are given or offered, all people would feel a complete traditional value of the New Year Festival brought by Kinh Do.  Especially, for the occasion of this New Year Festival, Kinh Do has the honor to introduce the symbol of springtime gifts “Spirit of Giving” shown on traditional products and the set of product named “The Song and The Story” showing the noble meaning of gifts giving, which contains the giver’s respect and best feelings towards their loved ones.

For this New Year Festival, Kinh Do has been speeding up its investment and development work on both quality and introduction of new products to offer 4 special products families: premium product category Korento; a completely new Special product category named “The Song& The Story”; product category of Share and typical product category on occasion of New Year Festival.

- To reassert its pioneer and leading position on the cake and candy market, Kinh Do continues to introduce the premium product category Korento.  Korento Original- Cookies from Denmark with typical cakes: sugar sprinkled, twisting, dried grape sprinkled, almond sprinkled… The quality and recipe from Europe are kept intact in each cake in accordance with its actual class.  Korento Language De Chat- Cookies from France with a very thin coat, very crisp mixture with fatty, perfumed taste typical of high-class butter from Europe.  The cakes have diversified shapes with round rolling, square piling, and almond sprinkled along with attractive looking chocolate design. Cake packs are of high-class with luxurious and elegant design, which fully matches product categories from Europe.

- A quite different break-through, the special product category of butter cake named “The Song and The Story” really is a prominent creation of completely new and unique cake sorts by three themes: milk butter, fruit-jam and chocolate filling on typical background of cookies.  Luxury-designed packing with various embossed patterns helps increase the prominence and fineness of cake packs.

- The set of product “Share” for the occasion of New Year Festival with sorts of cakes having unique cream filling include 3 subcategories: Share the Happiness, Share the Luckiness, Share the Sweeties.  These delicious and tasty products are quite different to typical types of cream cakes and flavored seed sprinkled cake.  Crispy layers, chocolate taste, sweet vanilla, perfumed chestnut… are mixed in a harmonious and attractive way.  Elegant packs with 4 designs along with smart handbags are there to make the spring gifts more outstanding and convenient.

- Bringing sweet tastes to the New Year Festival, the typical product category of New Year Festival’s Gift by Kinh Do with cake sorts of Cookies, Crackers, cinnamon cake, sponge cake, snack, candy & chocolate is also focused and much attention is paid to both packaging and quality.  The tin boxes diversify in design, weight: round tin boxes of 300, 400& 500gram; square tin box of 600gram; rectangular  tin box of 700gram and group of paper boxes of 240-540gram, offering many options to customers.  What stands out is the cookies 450gram paper boxes which have a brilliantly yellow image as a sign of guarantee for high quality and which are supplemented with very delicious chocolate seed sprinkled cakes. All of this displays Kinh Do’s commitment to ceaselessly increase the values for customers.

In implementing a comprehensive investment strategy to increase product quality and to bring delicious and tasty products at reasonable prices, despite sharp increases of input materials, Kinh Do only makes a minor adjustment of 10% in prices on occasion of New Year Festival 2010 compared to the New Year Festival 2009.  Besides, in reply to the campaign of “Vietnamese Consume Vietnamese Products”, Kinh Do in cooperation with supermarkets have launched preferential programs and arranged consultant and introduction events to help customers better choose and purchase products. The spirit of “Vietnamese Consume Vietnamese Products” will reign in over 200 distributors and 100.000 retail points nationwide of Kinh Do. What is more, Kinh Do will boost the expansion of new distribution channels as well as markets in provinces and cities to ensure its best service to satisfy increasing demand of customers all over the country on occasion of the New Year Festival so that Kinh Do’s products can be brought to every family, sweet spring taste brought to everybody.